What Is The Purpose Of Mykfcexperience?

mykfcexperienceYou might already familiar to KFC. This fried chicken and fast food restaurant from the US become really famous and popular worldwide. They have outlet all over the world, across 123 countries in this world. But, every company will need customer feedback. So, KFC creates mykfcexperience, an online survey for KFC costumers to write down about their feedback, opinions, or critics about their last visit to the KFC outlet. Why KFC create this online survey? This survey is created as the alternative way other than traditional pen and paper survey. The traditional survey took very long time to finish and evaluate, so people usually don’t want to fill it. But, it is a different story if we are talking about the online survey. The online survey is easier, faster and doesn’t take much time to evaluate the survey results. That’s why KFC company create this online survey. Now, what is the purpose of this online survey? and how to fill it?

The Purpose Of Mykfcexperience And How To Fill It

Every big company especially culinary company will need costumers feedback and opinion about their products, restaurant, and their employee. By knowing customer feedback, the company can evaluate their products, fix what seems to be an error, and create a better product based on the customer opinion. Since KFC is one of the big culinary company, costumers feedback and opinion is very important for this company. They will need to conduct some costumer’s satisfaction and feedback survey. Traditional satisfaction survey requires much time to conduct and evaluate, so online survey is much better choice. That’s it the purpose of mykfcexperience, to conduct an online survey of KFC customers.

Before filling this online survey, there are few things you need to do. Firstly, you need to visit nearest KFC outlet and buy one of their products. After buying it, you need to keep the receipt you get from your purchase. The receipt is needed to fill out mykfcexperience. Now, go to this official website, use the survey number in your receipt as your id to access this online survey, and then fill out simple customer surveys.

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