Do You Want to Use ICO?

In this technology era, everything is developing to be better and better every minute include about the development of the new ways of fundraising. You may see this as the ICO or Initial Coin Offerings. As its name, this new method is using the coin or token for running it. If you would like to use this ICO, you need to buy the token or coin which is available in anywhere. However, you should know that the ICO rating is rising up every day because there are many people who use this method to invest their money as well.

Is It Legal?

Well, if you are interesting to use this ICO for fundraising method, you just have to create an account and start to choose the project which you are interested to. There are many projects you can see and choose as like what you trust to develop better and better.

You also should know that as its ICO rating, you need to make sure first about the legality of this method first. Well, if we are talking about the legality of its method, it is absolutely illegal because there are no rules and regulations from the government for this kind of fundraising method as well. However, even though this fundraising method is not legal yet but it is only just the matter of time because there are many governments that interested to this one.

You should not be worry because there are many people who proved that this kind of fundraising method works well as what they want. The ICO rating is increasing each day and so it just needs the legality from the government only. Well, you also should know that this fundraising method is one of the future fundraising predictions which can be successful later, so it is your decision whether you want to use this ICO or not.

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