Types of Electric Car

electric carAre you interesting to the electric car? If yes you are, you should know what kind of car types you can take. This car has three type options you can choose. They are the full electric, plug-in hybrid, and hybrid one. You should know what kind of car will be your best options for it. Those have its own different style to drive and have different energy supply as what they need. It will be better if you take a look at each type of this car and decide what kind of car you want to use.

Battery Electric Car Type

If you want to take this car, one of the three options you can take is battery electric car or we can say it as BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle). As its types name, this car is using full electric as its main power supply. This car does not require the fuel to run this car, so you will not get to the gas station anymore for filling up the energy. You just have to recharge the battery in the charging point in your garage or even in the public or your office charging points.

You also should know that this car is not producing the harmful gas emission like what the fuel car does. Why? It is because this car is using the electric as its energy and it can reduce the harmful air pollution in surrounding your environment. You will not get the petrol engine or fuel tank, exhaust pipe, and other parts usually you see in the fuel car. This full electric car is the best options for you if you have used this car for a range about 35 to 70 km per day. For the longest range, you can get from this car in a single charge is up to 500 km of the latest Tesla Model S.

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