Type Shrimp Indonesia Shrimp Exporters

As with the fish, even shrimp consists of various types, some of which have a color there are also that do not have the color, there are that when cooked to change color there is also not change color when in cooking. In addition, the type of shrimp is also diverse, there are adjusted to the size there are also adapted to the shape and origin of the existence of the shrimp. Most of Indonesia’s territorial waters have superior shrimp species where they have been exported and donate foreign exchange for the country.

Shrimp Windu As Indonesia Shrimp Exporters

Windu shrimp which is one of the original shrimp Indonesia, where Indonesia. Windu shrimp that has a fairly large body and sweet and savory taste to be a reason tiger prawns much-loved as, delicious food and has a high nutritional content. This shrimp prawn exports to Europe and Japan. In addition to the most popular, this tiger prawn has a higher price when compared with shrimp vannamei this is also followed by the quality of tiger shrimp is better than other types of shrimp.

Windu shrimp is in addition to having a much better quality than others, this type of shrimp is also more difficult in terms of maintenance, it is also one factor that causes tiger prawns have higher price compared to other shrimp. Until now, tiger prawns still have a high range of disease properties compared to vannamei shrimp, where the shrimp is still easy to get virus or bacteria that can cause death in shrimp. That’s some info about tiger shrimp as one of the superior shrimp commonly exported. For more info can visit official web that is at https://www.indonesianshrimpsuppliers.com/. on the website page will be explained in detail and very complete about some companies engaged in the fishery sector, in particular, is a business as a supplier of shrimp which is then exported to various countries in the world.

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