Treatment for Blood Clotting

It is not something new anymore that many people have experienced blood clotting. This condition happens when there is blood cloth blocking the vessel. Then it relates to stroke, heart attack, and other dangerous diseases. If you haven’t known well about this kind of condition, of course, it is important for you to read all the explanations in this article discussing the treatment of blood clots.

Medical Treatment for Blood Clotting

Since blood clotting is so dangerous in which it can cause a fatal condition, thus here you need to know well about the medical treatment of it. On the contrary blood clotting occurring in the area which is not fatal actually will not need any special treatment compared to blood clotting occurring in the heart. Commonly the medical treatment of it depends on the area of blood clotting itself.

Then for the medicine, ibuprofen which will help the patients to relieve the pain. Indeed it is very useful for those who have blood clotting since it helps not to feel the symptoms so badly. About another medical treatment which is done by the doctors will provide anticoagulation. With this medicine, the blood clots will not grow to be pulmonary embolus in which it can cause a worse condition. In addition, anticoagulation is commonly used for deep venous thrombosis.

Furthermore, if the patients have DVT or PE, the best drug choice for blood clotting is NOAC or novel oral anticoagulant. With this drug, it can block blood clotting factors such as apixaban, rivaroxaban, and edoxaban. Indeed the drugs only will be used in a certain condition of patients.

In summary, those are some medical treatment which will be got by the patients of blood clotting. By all the explanations above now you have understood about blood clotting and then its treatment haven’t you?

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