Travelling To Sorong, West Papua

Sorong is a region in West Papua province of Indonesia that has many beautiful tourist sites. This place becomes the proof that Indonesia has many beautiful places and islands that have high potential in tourism. If you want to explore Indonesia more, you have to put this place on your list. Same with the other beautiful places of Indonesia, Sorong will also give you the beautiful scenery that will never make you bored when you come to this place. For brief highlight about this place, you can read the following information about Sorong.

West Papua And Sorong’s Beautiful Beaches

Indonesia is very popular to have many beautiful beaches in almost all the coastal of its islands. One of the places that should be the part of beautiful Indonesia is Sorong in West Papua. In this place, you also can find the beautiful beaches with peaceful and beautiful panorama. When you might difficult to find the peaceful beaches with minimum visitors in the other destinations, the beaches in Sorong should be your favorite destinations. You can spend your time there to see how beautiful the beaches are. You also can feel the experience of bird watching there, since there are so many beautiful birds on the beaches.

Besides that, when you love to play with the wave of the ocean, snorkeling and surfing can be your good activities there. You also can do some photo hunting, since the panorama or the scenery is very beautiful. Because of the beautiful beaches and also the peaceful atmosphere, Sorong and the other destinations in Papua should be the best place for you to refresh your mind from all the hectic schedule of your daily activities. If you really curious about this place, make sure that Sorong is listed in your destination for the next holiday. You might also visit the other places in West Papua that will give you the other beautiful sceneries.

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