Tips To Write Printable Job Application

When you want to apply for a job position, your printable job application should be perfect. The very first thing that the employer will notice is the content and format of your job application. When they think that your job application meets their standard, you will be called for face-to-face interview.

How To Make Printable Job Application Shine

In today’s post, we will give you some tips in writing a good printable job application. Our tips will make your job application shine!

  1. If you already work before, make sure you provide the evidence of your job history. It is not recommended to just put the list of the company that you’ve worked for previously. Our tip is to describe how you achieved the job and your success. For example, you can describe the problem at your job position, and describe what action that you take to solve the problem. After that describe the results and skills that you get.


  1. Always pay attention to the format of your job application. Spacing, alignment, capitalized text, and other formats are needed to write with no mistake. This will make your job application readable. Although there are various types of job application layouts, it’s better to follow the standard.


  1. Your format should be from the header that contains contact information, career summary that provides your skills and experience reverses chronological job history and reverses chronological education history.


  1. Don’t write your job application in landscape format.


  1. You can also put a career summary. Sometimes. The employers don’t have time to read an unspecified job application. Therefore, it is better if you lead them to career summary to make it clear that you are applying for the certain position. You have to explain why you are qualified for this job position.

Those are 5 tips for writing a printable job application. Our tips can make yours shine in the employers’ eyes!

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