Tips To Buy Hiking Knife

As the name suggests, a hiking knife is a best pocket knife that is really essential if you want to hike. This knife is not only useful for hiking but also for surviving. It is a tool with many functions that related with hiking. The functions are cutting, self-defense, digging, food preparation, first aid tool, splitting, fire making, shelter building, signaling, hunting weapon, hammering, and many more.

How To Choose Hiking Knife?

When it comes to hiking knife especially the best pocket knife, you need to choose the knife which is practical and well-performed. You need to find the knife with a good performance and simplicity. Here are some tips to choose this knife.

  1. Size

Size is doesn’t matter when it comes to this knife. You don’t have to choose the big knife. If the blade is too big, the performance will be less effective. You can’t use it for some task that needs detail such as cut small branches, cut for food preparation, or prepare first aid tool.  However, if you use the knife for a rugged task such as chopping and splitting wood, the knife will be useless. Especially since in that activity, you need a bigger knife for batoning. It is when you strike the blade through the thick wood. The big knife will be useful for cutting large wood or tree. The ideal size of the knife for hiking is 9 to 11 inches in length. The size is suitable for many tasks.


  1. Fixed blade

A good knife for hiking should have a fixed blade. This blade is more reliable and durable compared with a folding knife. Sometimes in hiking, you will go through mini survival, having a fixed blade is very beneficial to survive the wood and mountain. A good hiking knife increases your key survival resource.

Those are two tips in choosing a knife for hiking. You can buy this knife only on best pocket knife site.

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