WordPress Tutorial; Set the Theme

seegatesite.comWhen we learn about WordPress, there will be so many important things related to it that we have not already know yet. For the very simple example is we might do not know about how to set our WordPress theme to look gorgeous and great because of the theme. Actually, you can find easily about the tutorial of setting the theme from many WordPress tutorial.  So, if you also still do not know how to edit your WordPress theme, you can learn from the tutorial that you can get from some website. In this article, we are also going to explain briefly, about how to change the theme of WordPress. Read the following paragraphs.

WordPress Tutorial and Theme Editing

When we have a WordPress account, you have to make sure that you already know about your purpose in making your website. You might already know that some themes are free to use in WordPress. Yes, there are some choices of the basic theme of WordPress that you have to know about. When you think that the themes that free are related to the content of your WordPress or at least you love the theme, you can use the theme. However, if you think that you might need another set of the theme, you might ask for an expert to create one for you. This kind of thing is also available for you to find in any WordPress tutorial.

Then, when you want to set your WordPress, you can find it in the dashboard. From the Dashboard, you will find many menus that can help you to increase your blog. One of the menus is the theme setting. When you already find the menu to set the theme, you can find some choices of theme that are free to use. There is also a theme that should be purchased first. You can choose between two of those kinds of themes. That is all WordPress Tutorial about the theme in WordPress for you.