Healthy Facts about Potatoes

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Who would refuse the tasty mashed potato with mozzarella on top? None. There are more delicious foods that make you drool out there made of the humble potatoes. Potatoes are edible tables. They available across the globe all year long. The term potato always used for something that ugly due to its color and shapeless. Stop underestimate the potatoes. We should more appreciate their existence if we knew what the component inside them that beneficial for our body. Let’s jump to the next paragraph.

What You Should Know More

Potatoes with the scientific name Solanum Toberosum is one of the members of the nightshade family. Children usually despise the vegetables, but when it comes to potato, they wouldn’t refuse. That’s the proof of how magical the potatoes are. Here are the healthy facts about potatoes you should know:

  • Mineral content

If you consume potatoes regularly, you automatically have a good water and ion supply in your body due to they are the source of potassium. Surprisingly, eating a potato with its skin is always beneficial because the highest concentration is hidden beneath it.

  • Vitamin content

A large amount of vitamin C is available inside the potatoes. Moreover, the vitamin A, B, and P are also contained in the potatoes.

  • Starch content

Potatoes are one of the greatest natural sources of starch and they also contain approximately 17% starch. You need to take a note that the main nutrients in a potato are beneath the skin. If you eat only the inside part, you eat the carbohydrates.

  • Water content

Potatoes might look huge, but actually, the 70-80% of their weight is water. So the idea of becoming fat by eating potatoes is indeed wrong.

Of course, potatoes are undoubtedly healthy but if you eat them along with a large amount of butter such as french fries, chances are you will become overweight. Thanks for reading and have a great day!

3 Benefits of Leafy Green Vegetables

Health tipsLeafy green vegetables sometimes can be so underrated since people tend to choose to eat fancier foods which easily makes them drooling. If you actually put a little bit more effort to cook or just making a leafy green salad each morning instead of eating something fast served, your life would change completely. You will feel your body fresher and healthier. Eating leafy green vegetables also leads you to so many benefits in a long term. Therefore, supply yourself fresh vegetables in your refrigerator can support your healthiness. There are more benefits that the green vegetables bring, we have listed them down in the next paragraph.

Don’t Skip Eating Leafy Greens

People who skip eating vegetables might be fine now, but the effect can start showing later in life. Don’t take your body for a granted. Treat them kindly, because you are what you eat. Here is why you need to consume more leafy green vegetables:

  • Lower cholesterol

If you really concern on cholesterol, start to eat Kale and mustard green, they help you to lower cholesterol. Your liver uses cholesterol to create bile acids that aid in fat digestion and when the bile acid binds with the greens fiber, it will get excreted from the body. That means your liver needs to use more cholesterol to create new bile acid and yup, your cholesterol levels are getting lower.

  • Prevents cancer

Leafy green vegetables contain a lot of vital antioxidants, carotenoids, and flavonoids, which are absolutely good to fight with the cancers such as skin, stomach, and breast cancers.

  • Strengthen the bones

Consuming more leafy greens including kale, spinach, broccoli, asparagus, spinach, and so on helps you to strengthen your bones as they get weaker when we get older.

So, we highly suggest you put more leafy greens vegetables into your body for the sake of its health.

Health Tips during Rainy Season

Health tipsDuring the rainy season, it is very easy for our body to catch flu, catch many diseases, and become ill. Well, during the rainy season, virus and bacteria breed very well, and there are a ton of them ready to infect your body everywhere. During the rainy season, your body also becomes quite weak, and the body immunity becomes weaker than another season. It is best for you to be careful about your health during the rainy season. How to be healthy during the rainy season? Even with a lot of activities, and busy works, and we can’t afford to slack off in the house and avoiding rain all days? Well, bellows here, we are going to give you some tips to keep you healthy even during the wettest rainy season.

Follow These Tips, and You Can Easily Keep Your Health Even During Rainy Season

The cold, wet and cool temperature can weaken your body immunity. If your clothing is wet, you can easily catch a cold. To avoid this, make sure you always bring umbrella or raincoat during the rainy season, so your clothes won’t get wet, and you won’t easily catch a cold. If your clothes are already wet, then you need to change them quickly. After going home, wet because of rain, make sure you change your clothes and took a nice warm bath to warm your body. Warm your body as much as you can to prevent flu and many other diseases.

During the rainy season, it is best for you to eat more multivitamins and minerals, especially vitamin C to keep your body resist many diseases, and enhance your body immunity. Eat more veggies and fruits to keep your nutrition need to be assured, and try to eat more vitamin C. There are a lot of Vitamin C supplement you can buy from the apothecary and it is also very cheap. Eat more warm and nutritious foods, and don’t forget to take a good night sleep every day.

The Benefits Of Exercising

Health tipsExercising is the activities that require a lot of works, and muscle movement. Exercising is the way to strengthen our body, making our body to be better, stronger, and more resistance to a lot of health complication and disease. Exercising is indeed tiring, and boring activities to do, so no wonder that many people actually hate exercising. Some people think that exercising is not really important. So, if you think exercise is not really important, then you should change your mindset. Exercising is actually a very healthy activity and had a lot of health benefits you can get. Without exercise, our body will grow weaker gradually, and we will become frail and sickly. If you don’t want to get serious health complication such as heart attack, and want to get ideal body shape, then you should start exercising right now. For those who don’t know, bellows here are some examples of the benefits you can get from exercising.

Some Benefits You Can Get From Exercising

The first benefits you can get by exercising is stronger and better body. Exercising is the way to strengthen our body, and by exercising we can train for our muscle to be stronger and better. The more we use our muscle for intense exercise, the more our muscle will grow stronger, and eventually, our body then will become stronger too. Well, if you want a healthy and strong body, then the most important things to do is by planning your exercise plan. To get an ideal exercising and bodybuilding plan, you should contact gym trainer in the gym.

Next, exercise is also the way to cleanse our body and refresh our mind. By exercising we will release sweat, and by sweating we will also release toxins and unwanted materials out from our body through sweating. Exercise is also the way to refresh our mind because exercise can make our body release Dopamine hormone, a hormone that helps our mind refreshed, and happier.

Keeping Your Eyes Healthy Easily

Health tipsBeing healthy must be everyone’s wish but not all of them think that it would be easy. You should not keep your body healthy will not be that hard. You can do it step by step so you will not consider it as a burden. The thing that you can do anytime you want to keep your body healthy is by having a healthy lifestyle. One of many parts of your body which are important is an eye. Yes, this pair of eyes will have such a crucial function that cannot be replaced by the other so that it will be your obligation to keep it healthy.

Things You Need To Do

There will be several things that you need to do if you want to keep your eyes healthy. It is better right to do several things to prevent rather than cure the diseases. The thing you need to do is by having a healthy meal and also food. The study reveals that consuming vitamin C and also E, zinc, omega 3 can help you prevent the eyes diseases related to the addition of your age such as cataract and also degeneration of eyes maculation. Several examples for them will be a vegetable with green color, and then salmon fish, tuna, beans, blueberry, blackberry, orange and much more. If you consume it routinely then your eyes will stay healthy.

The next thing you can do if you want to keep your eyes healthy is by keeping your eyes from the gadget which means you need to look at the gadget for some time only. It is not good to work in front of your computer or laptop in a long time because it can cause a headache, dry eyes, tense of muscles, and you also will be hard to focus on seeing a thing. You need to take a rest each time you reach 20 minutes of work in front of the computer.

Nutrition Is Important For Healthy Hair

Health tipsIf we have healthy hair, strong, dense and also clean, it will give a high confidence when we do any activity both inside the house and outside the home. One of the most important things to note about people about their hair is the hair nutrition. If now, you consider that the hair is important that is clean is the right thing, but actually, not only clean the priority but also must provide good nutrition and true. Then what are the essential nutrients for hair health? Nutrition that we need to treat hair such as protein, vitamin C, zinc, vitamin E, antioxidants, omega 3 fats, vitamin B and also iodine. Nutrition hair above that we can get some of the shampoo. Because shampoo producers also have given the composition of one of the above-mentioned nutrients in its shampoo products. The nutrients other than those contained in the shampoo products can be obtained from the food we eat every day.

Protein, The Main Nutrient Of Hair

Did you know that it is actually our hair constituent is protein? Protein is the main nutrient of a hair not only provide nutrition for hair but also nutrients for the skin or epidermis head as a place of hair growth. Hair is beautiful, dark, and also healthy it can happen because of good protein composition. These proteins that make up the hair keratin that form many long filaments so that we can see the beauty of long, healthy hair that grows in the head of every human being.

This protein can be obtained from foods that contain very high protein content, such as fish eggs, grains, and chicken meat can provide a high protein and very good for healthy hair growth. So, do not be surprised if people who always consume foods mentioned above had usually they also have a healthy hair and healthy because of higher protein intake for their hair.

Vegetarian’s Cheat Sheet for Proteins

Health tipsThe vegan lifestyle has been a trend among the modern people. Lots of people fall in love with the idea of not taking animal products such as meat to their daily menu. But, many people also concern about how the vegetarians are keeping their nutrient needs covered. In this case, there are actually many foods with high protein that will supply the energy for your body. So, you will still get the energy while you consume those foods. You don’t have to be worried about the ingredients because these things can be found easily in the market. So, let’s prepare your nutritious, energy-boosting foods!

Boost Your Energy with These Ingredients

First of all, you will love how we put the peanut butter as our choice. Indeed, lots of people who gain muscle also recommend this food for you who want to keep the protein intake to be completed. You can eat the peanut butter alone just by scooping it by spoon. In another way, you can also find a whole wheat grain bread that will be good for making your energy last longer. Take it in the morning as your breakfast and you will find it as a perfect breakfast menu which provides the good nutrients.

Quinoa is also an option for you who want to improve your protein intake as a vegetarian. This is also a choice for you who want to lose weight since it is rich in protein. But, it doesn’t have the high amount of carbs that will make your body gain lots of weight. You can also try eating tofu. The soft texture of a tofu will make your tummy happy. It is also good as it is a processed product of soybean. You can cook tofu based on your creativity. You can put it in a soup, roast it or even fry it with little oil. It is simple, easy and of course, delicious.

Some Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Health tipsDo you know apple cider vinegar? It is a very useful thing in your life. You should not leave it behind. It has more than one benefits you do not know. You can drink it or even apply it on your skin to get the benefits. If you do know the benefits of apple cider vinegar for your life. You can continue to read this article now. Then, you will know the benefits and can apply it to your life and needs. Let us see the further information and tips as the following.

Some Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar You Should Know

This is good news for you who have skin problems such as acne prone skin. You can use the apple cider vinegar to reduce the acne and smoothen your skin. You have to turn it into toner before you sleep. You can mix the apple cider vinegar with a little amount of water; then, you can turn it to be toner for your skin care. Besides, you can drink the apple cider vinegar every morning to keep your body healthy and to have good and healthy skin. You may try it in from now on. There are many kinds of apple cider vinegar; you better choose the right one.

Well, you now know all some of the benefits of apple cider vinegar. There are other benefits of this cider vinegar and you can find out about it in other sources. You can find the information of the best apple cider vinegar for your skin in other sources. So, that is it. You may share this with other people around you to tell them about those benefits especially for people who need it. Thus, that is all; I wish this article will be useful and helpful for you. Well done.

Eat More Veggies and Fruits

Health tipsAs we know, veggies and fruits are a health food that you can consume to get more vitamins and minerals that your body needs. You also should note while you are eating veggies or fruits, the vitamins and minerals will be absorbed well with your organ vital quicker than you eat meat, fish, or something like that. It means if you want to keep your body stays healthy, you can consume more veggies and fruits every day to ensure that your daily needs of vitamins and minerals are fulfilling well.

Beneficial of Eating Veggies and Fruits as Snack

If you want to have such as healthy body, it doesn’t mean that you should be a vegan. Eating more veggies and fruits don’t mean you should be a vegan. It is absolutely different. Being a vegan is your options if you have such as allergic toward meat, it is okay if you choose to be a vegan. But, if you think that you should consume more veggies and fruits, it also means that you should be a vegan, it is wrong, because all you need is consuming more fruits and veggies between your meal times.

As an example, if you feel so hungry while 10 a.m. you can consume fruits for it, and much more. If you replace your snack with the healthy food, it will make your body is going healthy and better than before. The most benefit that you can get while replacing your snack with fruits or veggies is your body will have enough nutrition that will help you in running your activities well without having doubt about the tiredness and such as feeling like that. You have fulfilled your nutrition and minerals daily needs, so your body will get healthier than before. If you want it, you can start from now to replace your snack with delicious fruits and veggies.

How To Increase Sleeping Quality

Health tipsSome people are having a hard time to sleep, can’t get a good amount of sleeping, or even can’t get any sleep at all. There are a lot of reasons why you can’t get a good night sleep. It can be you are insomnia, or you don’t have a decent sleeping time because of your works or studies. If you can’t sleep well because of your works or studies, then the key for increasing your sleep quality is to manage your time. Finish your work or study before night, and you will have a good amount of sleep after it. Well, it is up to you to work hard in your business or study, but just a reminder, every human body has a limitation, and sleep is a need. Your body has a limit of activity you can do before sleeping. So, don’t push yourself too hard and rest yourself with good night sleep. But, if you can’t sleep well because insomnia, then there will be different stories.

How To Increase Our Sleeping Quality Even If We Have Insomnia?

Insomnia can be caused by many factors. There are factors internal like psychology, disease, illness, and much more. There are also external factors that can disturb your sleeping such as noise, temperature, bed, or even clothes. If you think internal factors you are having, then you should consult it with the doctor. Otherwise, try to relax every time you want to sleep. Don’t think about anything, thinking can give your brain works, and it will make you active and you are having a hard time to sleep. Try to find the coziest sleeping position.

Wear comfortable clothes. You won’t need to wear pajamas, as long as your clothes are comfortable enough for you, not itchy not too hot or cold, then it is a good grab to wear. Try to snacking. Snacking can help you relax a bit, drink cold milk, and eat cookies are the late-night snack that can help you boost your sleeping quality.

Simple But Useful Health Tips

Health tipsHealth is always important things for everyone, not only for adult or elder but as teenagers, we also need to keep our health in fit condition. A healthy body is a blessing, and sadly not everyone can have it. So, if you have a fit and healthy body, then you will need to keep it that way. For some people, keeping a healthy body is troublesome, and pretty hard to do. It is true, that to keep our body in prime condition, you will need to put some efforts and determination. Well, if you think that keeping a fit and prime condition of our body is hard, then you should follow these tips and tricks. Bellows are very simple tips that can help you stay in shape, keep you in prime condition and of course to help you improve your health condition.

What Are The Tips And Tricks To Stay Healthy?

Healthy diets will improve your health of course. Try to include whole grain in your diets, such as whole wheat bread, and eat brown rice instead of white rice. Whole grain diets can improve your health, because it contains enough calories for your activity, but didn’t contain much sugar. Next, try to stay hydrated. Staying hydrated is very important, especially if you are during intense exercise. Water is life, we will need water every day to survive. Without enough water, you can be dehydrated, and lack of water means lack of mineral needed for our body.

Exercising is the most important things to do to stay healthy, and without single exercise, your body won’t stay in shape for much longer. If you are planning to exercise, try to find exercising partner and friends. Exercising with friends is twice more fun than alone. Also, try to find motivation or mood booster for exercises such as music, friends, or even hobby. If you don’t know what exercise you should do, try jogging. Jogging is the easiest exercise but it is very great to keep you in shape and keep you healthy.

The Benefit Tempe For Your Health

Health tipsIf you ever go to Indonesia, you will find the Tempe very easy in the Indonesia. Not only about that, you also can find the tempeh on some countries that there are the people who want to sell this Tempeh. So, what is the benefit this Tempe for your health? What kind of meal that you can consume with this Tempe? Let’s read this article more when you want to know more information about that topic more, so don’t go anywhere and stay on this article, guys.

The Tempe And Its Benefit

Tempe is the natural food that you can consume it in your daily meals. This food very famous in the country that has many people produce it, yes, you are right, in the Indonesia. When you visit Indonesia, you can try to consume the Tempe in this country. But, what is the benefit of this Tempe for your health? The Tempe contain the good bacteria and the anti-bacteria that will help you to prevent diarrhea and cholera. You also can decrease the Lipid or the fat that contained in your blood, you should know that this condition very dangerous for you. This food also can help you to prevent the anemia because this food has the high level of mineral and easy to absorb with your blood.

This Tempe also contains the vitamin B that will give you some benefit, like increasing the productivity of your thrombocyte, increase your immunity, and also help you to increase your nerve system. The correct way to cook the Tempe also will influence the health effect when consuming this Tempe. Better for you to cook this Tempe with a boil or make it as Bacem when you want, you also can prevent and decrease to fry the Tempe because this way will make you lose the nutrition of the Tempe. That’s all about the Tempe and the benefit for your health. Thank you and happy trying.

Start Exercise Now For Healthy Body

Health tipsIf we want a healthy and fit body, what should we do? Well, to make a healthy body, you will need intense exercise, along with controlled diet and balanced rest. That’s the key to make our body healthy and fit. All of these three keys are needed in order to have a healthy body. Without one of them, it will be pretty hard to achieve a healthy body. Now, we will explain you about the keys of having a healthy body. Not only you will need this to get a healthy body, but you will need to do all of these in order to keep a healthy and fit body. If you want a healthy body, then you should do all of these.

What Are The Keys To Achieve A Healthy And Fit Body?

The first key is exercise. Exercise is become essential for our body, by doing exercises, our body can be trained to be better and stronger. Exercise is intended series of actions that will put our body under pressure, stress and test our body limit. When our body reaches its limits, our body will feel tired, some of our muscle will be broken. But by doing these routine, our body will grow stronger, fit and better. Not only making our body stronger and better but by doing exercise, we will also make our body fresh and clean. Exercise is a way to cleanse our body from toxic. It can cleanse our body from toxic through sweating.

Next, you will need to have controlled diet. With controlled diets, we can control our appetite, and we can control our eating habits. We are what we eat, and it is very crucial part in taking care of health. There are many foods that aren’t really good for our health, and we can’t eat recklessly. Lastly, don’t forget to get good night sleep. Always balance your activity with good rest. That’s it three keys to having healthy body and good fitness.

How To Prevent Cancer?

Health tipsCancer is one of the most dangerous diseases in this world and had caused countless death in this world. Why is cancer considered to be very dangerous? Cancer becomes number one of the most dangerous disease because right now, there are no cures for cancer. Even there is some therapy like Chemotherapy that can help cure cancer there is currently no effective medicine that can cure cancer effectively. There are few survivors of cancer, but still, the victim of cancer is countless. People who are still alive after feeling cancer cell raging in their body should be grateful, since not many survivors that can survive this dangerous disease. Although this isn’t a contagious disease, there are many things that can cause cancer. What are the things that cause cancer and how we can prevent cancer?

What Causes Cancer And How We Can Prevent It?

Actually, every human had cancer cells inside their body. A cancer cell will stay dormant, and won’t harm our body. But, there are many things that can cause this cell to be active and growing inside our body. Here, let us show you things that can promote growth for a cancer cell. First things that can promote the growth of cancer cell is smoking. Inside smoking, we will find countless chemical materials that prove dangerous and considered to be free radical. Smoking is the main cause of most lungs cancer and throat cancer. Consuming overcooked meats can also promote cancer cells growth. Inside overcooked meats, there is a chemical called benzopyrene that can cause cancer. And guess where we can find benzopyrene? Inside cigarette smoke.

To prevent cancer, we need to simply avoid smoking, also try to avoid eating overcooked meat. Smoking kills you, there is a logical reason behind that slang. Try to eat more fruits especially fruits that contain many anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants are nutrients that can help us repel free radical, and help reduce cancer cells growth. Apple and kiwi are the examples of fruits that contain high anti-oxidants.

Get Relax And Prevent These Diseases!

Health tipsHave you ever get stressed? In this millennial era, there are many kinds of activities that you should do to support your career, but there are some conditions that will make your get some stress. You can’t make the stress easy to solve because the stress also can damage some diseases that dangerous for your health. What are the diseases that can stimulate by stress? When you want to know more explanation about that topic, you need to continue reading this article and don’t go anywhere!

Prevent The Stress And Get Relax

There some alternative ways that you can try to make you become relaxed. For example, you can try some exercise like the jogging in the morning, yoga, gymnastic, and other exercises that can make you feel relax. After that, you also can relax without any physic exercise because you may don’t have the time to do this sport. When you are in this condition, you can try to find the relaxation with other activities, like listening to the music that has the slow beat and gives you the relaxing sensation. Besides that, you can go to the salon that provides the massage service for you, you can ask the therapist oil to create the relaxing feeling when you do this therapy. You also can have some vacation or visit the beautiful place to make you feel relax, to reach this goal, you can visit the natural place like the beach or the mountains.

With this condition, you can prevent some diseases and most of them in include as the dangerous diseases for your health. You can prevent the dizzy when you feel relax, your brain will work slowly and can prevent this dizzy. After that, you also can prevent the heart attack, you can prevent the dangerous hormone that can cause the heart attack when you get to relax. You also can prevent some cancers, prevent insomnia, and you also can prevent your body from a stroke that very dangerous for your health. So, get relax and feel the benefit, happy trying.