Do Stretch Marks Treatments At Home!

stretch marks treatmentsStretch marks are something can occur on our skin. They are usually a reddish or a slightly purple shade at the beginning, they will eventually fade to silvery white lines that can or cannot completely go. Stretch marks are commonly caused due to weight gain, puberty, and pregnancy. When we go through extreme weight loss, it makes the stretch marks more visible. Anyone can be getting stretch marks, even though women are more likely to get than men. Let’s jump over the next paragraph to learn about stretch marks treatments! Happy reading.

Reduce Your Stretch Marks With Stretch Marks Treatments

Stretch marks usually appear on our belly, thighs, breast, buttocks, and upper arms. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, 90% of women will get stretch marks after seven or eight months of pregnancy. Genetic factor plays a role in this whole stretch marks thing, if your mother has them, then you are more likely to have them too. But don’t worry here is the stretch marks treatments you can try.

  • Consume more vitamin E

Besides consuming the vitamin E capsules, you can also consume high vitamin E foods such as pumpkin and squash, broccoli, shellfish, sunflower seeds, plant oils, fish, tofu, avocados, nuts, and spinach. They help you to restore and improve your skin health fast and natural.

  • Increase vitamin C and collagen

Aloe Vera is a collagen and elastin source which can nourish your skin and helps you to get a strong and healthy skin to avoid the stretch marks. Eats more red fruits and veggies, nuts, chia seeds, leafy green vegetables, and exercise more.

  • Exercise

Some of the physical exercises such as swimming, sit up, push up, abdominal crunches and more will help to minimize the stretch marks and tone the underlying muscles.

You can do the natural stretch marks treatments above at home. Share with your friends about this!

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