Steps on How to Reset iPhone 6 Plus

how to reset iphone 6 plusResetting your iPhone sometimes becomes choice when you want to clear all the data that you have. Usually, this choice is used by people who buy second-hand iPhone. How to reset iPhone 6 Plus becomes a very important question for them, since they want to remove all the data that they have on their phone. Then, how do you reset the setting of your iPhone 6 Plus? If you think that you are really curious about it, please read the following paragraphs for more information.

How to Reset iPhone 6 Plus Step by Step

First, when you want to reset your iPhone 6 Plus, you have to go to your Home Screen. Then, on your Home Screen, scroll to the Settings. After that, you can find some other menus there and please tap General menu there. After tapping your General menu, you can select Reset as the next action in order to reset all the data that you have on your iPhone. Then, the next step on how to reset iPhone 6 Plus is that you will see the choice named “Erase All Content and Settings”. Then, there will be pop-up information to make sure that you want to reset the data of your iPhone and also the settings.

After you have done with those steps and already confirm the steps, you might see the passcode appear to make sure the confirmation. So, enter the code and confirm your action. Wait until the operation is finished. After you get a notice that the operation has finished, it means that you already resetting your iPhone. Once you reset your iPhone, all the data and also the settings that you have before will be deleted. The system of your iPhone will back to the first setting before you make any changing with it. So, do you understand the steps on how to reset iPhone 6 plus?

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