Starting A Smoke Dried Catfish Business

Smoked dried catfish is a kind of catfish product which is processed by drying the catfish using smoking preserve method. This is done in order to extend the durability of the catfish. The catfish that is preserved through smoke method can last longer than fresh catfish. Therefore, this product is suitable for the export commodity. In the market for processed catfish smoke is quite a lot of demand by consumers. From time to time the demand for the supply of processed smoked catfish is always increasing. The high public interest in the preparation of catfish has provided an excellent business opportunity for you to take advantage of for profit.

Things Needed In Processing Smoked Dried Catfish

Catfish processing by smoking food preservation method using firewood equipped with oven size 150 centimeters, width 100 centimeters and height 100 centimeters, the height of oven from fire source is 80 centimeters. The oven is made from a wooden frame surrounded by zinc plate. The oven comes with a handy door to get in and out of the fish rack. The top of the oven is made a window that is used to remove the smoke when you want to open the oven to turn the smoked dried catfish. At the back is equipped with a window that remains open where smoke exits during the curing process.

The process of making smoked catfish lasts for 24 hours by using the oven and is equipped with a curing furnace. The raw material used in the manufacture of smoked fish is catfish measuring between 5 and 12 heads per kilogram. Catfish comes from the fish farms in the pond. The amount of raw material used in the curing oven is as much as 45 kg of wet fish and will produce 13 kg of dried fish. For the ignition and fuming of smoked dried catfish is used round wood with diameter 20 centimeters and length of wood 80 centimeters, the amount of wood used in one production at curing oven as much 9 wood.

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