Smart Ways For Healthy Lips

Health lifeHi, pretty people! We all know that lips are ones of the most exposed part of our body. They are prone to dehydrate due to they have no oil glands and also thinner than other skin surfaces. As a woman, my biggest enemy that I need to get rid of is chapped lips. Because when they are chapped, I can’t wear my shade of lipstick properly. So annoying. Therefore, I always do something to treat my lips’ health. Are you interested in the tips? Keep on reading!

Rock Your Shade Of Lipstick!

Everyone wants a smooth and reddish lip because it will attract opposite sex and such a major turn on too! Note that lack of vitamin and cold air can make our pretty pucker looks unhealthy and chapped. It’s necessary to give our lips a treat to keep it stay healthy like our other body features. Here go tips for healthy lips:

  1. Drink enough water. Water continuously play a big role in our body. If we are well hydrated, isn’t no more chapped lips.
  2. Give the circulation of blood into your lips by exfoliating them frequently. There are plenty of lips mask out there you can have one or you do it yourself with honey and sugar.
  3. Protect your lips with a lip balm which contains a UV protector. Lips get an exposed spot out of the others so it’s not a big of a deal to always make sure they are well protected.
  4. Your biting habits can lead to the unhealthy lips because that action is detrimental. Stop doing it, kay?
  5. Choose lips products with the moisturizer in it so even when you are using matte lipstick, you can still rock the heck out of it!

Healthy lips have the power to make you look sexier. Put your favorite shade of lipstick then go out!

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