Why Are Skipjack Tuna Price Increasing?

Skipjack is one of the most prized sea fish, as they play important roles in many culinary traditions, like Japanese culinary, and some of the western culinary. Although the supply on skipjack are always satisfied, the demand for this fish is growing much higher than ever. Skipjack tuna price now becoming much higher, much more expensive than before. The market value of skipjack is changing in the past year, and now it had great market value. This fish is demanded a lot, and lot of restaurants are demanding for fresh skipjack tuna. Skipjack tuna fish can be sold at high price, even in frozen conditions. Now, not only fresh or frozen skipjack tuna that had an amazing price, even the canned skipjack are now becoming much more expensive too. Why the skipjack tuna now becoming much more expensive? and where we can get trusted and affordable supplier for skipjack tuna meat?

Now, Here Are Some Reasons Why Skipjack Tuna Price Are Increasing

First of all, do you know the basic economic rules? the basic supply and demand rule? The skipjack tuna price is increasing actually can be related to this basic economic rule. First of all, the skipjack tuna is always sought after, and lately, because the culinary business is booming, especially seafood and Japanese restaurant which uses skipjack tuna a lot, then the demand for skipjack tuna becoming much higher. Although the demand is getting higher, the supply for skipjack tuna aren’t going higher, and even lesser, which make the price for skipjack are now quite expensive.

The supply of skipjack tuna is decreasing, due to the lesser catch rate every year, because of the climate, the weather and etc. Every year, the marine country like Indonesia and Japan export more than millions kilos (or maybe tons) of skipjack tuna, yet this is still lower than demand. This makes the skipjack tuna price is growing sky high.

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