How To See Your Blocked List On Facebook In No Time

How to see blocked list facebookWhen you have people who you don’t like on Facebook, you will need to keep them away from your internet life. The way you can do for preventing such person ruining your day is by blocking them. Blocking the people on Facebook is easy. But, you will also need to know how to see your blocked list on Facebook. By knowing how to see and edit it, you will get it easier to manage the people you can interact with on the social media platform. So, if you are curious, we will give you the information about it.

Simple Way Of How To See Your Blocked List On Facebook

At first, you may not be bothered with the annoying fellow Facebook users on Facebook. But, as you interact with them, they may be too annoying to handle. Thus, you will need to block them so they will not appear on your timeline anymore. But, you will also know how to see blocked list on Facebook in case you want to unblock them in the future. Here, you will know the simple way of how to see your blocked list on Facebook. First thing first, goes to Setting and click Personal Privacy Settings.

When you have clicked the Personal Privacy Settings on your Facebook page, you will also need to click the Stopping menu on the Personal Privacy Settings. After that, there will be four lists shown, which are the Block Users, Block Apps, Block Occasion Welcomes and Block App Welcomes. Each of them consists of different people and apps you have blocked. To modify or edit them, there will be two kinds of options, which are the Edit List and Limited List. Both of them can be personalized based on how you need to protect your profile. So, how about these steps of how to see your blocked list on Facebook?

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