Samsung Galaxy S8 for Camera Specification

Samsung Galaxy S8If you want to buy a brand new phone, you can consider Samsung Galaxy S8. This phone is really powerful, and you can expect that from the earlier article which discusses its performance based on processor speed and core numbers. Furthermore, the available RAM makes the phone even snappier. Thus, it is an ideal phone for those who need a fast and reliable smartphone for various purposes. In addition to its great performance for running application, the display and its camera are also worth to consider. As expected, this high-end phone incorporates various features, enhancement, and updates.

Samsung Galaxy S8 with Special Camera Spec

First of all, let’s discuss the camera specification of this brand new Samsung galaxy. Unlike other smartphones, Samsung Galaxy S8 is only equipped with 12 MP camera. Some people may be surprised, but you should not. First of all, other smartphones use interpolation system for increasing the megapixel count. That is why it is common to find smartphone camera has an unreliable megapixel count yet the quality is just so so. Galaxy s8 holds the true 12 MP count, and it is able to perform 4K video recording.

For capturing an image, it works very well in low light because of f/1.7. Its sensor size is also big enough to capture more data which in turns more realistic image. In addition to those special features, a standard feature with upgraded performance is also presented. That includes autofocus, phase detection, LED flash, geotagging, auto HDR, and panorama. When it comes to video recording, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is capable of creating 1080p at 60fps. If you want to shoot in 4K, it is limited at 30fps, but the quality is awesome. You can check the quality of both photos and videos online, and they are really good for a modern smartphone.

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