Salad is Healthy but Boring

Health lifeMaybe most people will tell you that salad is healthy. Yeah, it is right. You can eat any fruits and vegetables and pour them with the mayonnaise. It is looking delicious but sometimes it looks disgusting. Some people admit that consuming salad is boring. You can be healthy but you will be bored until you die. Well, if you think salad is that boring; you can try to read the following paragraphs to know more good tips.

The salad is Healthy but Boring, Any Other Ideas?

Well, if you think it is boring and you feel like you want to die; you can just switch the fruits, the topping or combine it with anything you like. It sounds easy but you do not know the recipe. Sometimes you are going to do those things but later you find out the taste is getting worst. Well, you can find other solution, then. Combine and make it less simple than before. You can make your own healthy and tasty pudding with fruits and dark chocolate. You know you can change the mayonnaise with dark chocolate if you like. Then, you can find any other recipe of salad from other countries too. Some salad from Asia is very good because the taste is way far so different.

Some salad from Asia is spicy. You will feel the different taste of the salad. You can use fruits, vegetables or both of them with spicy sauce with nuts. Ok, do you have any other ideas? You can share your ideas with others now or you can just create your own salad with your own sauce recipe. Then, you can create it for other people too. Thus, that is all the tips and solution for you. I wish you like the ideas and the solution. Be healthy and fun.

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