Proper Ways to Use Ear Drops

When we are discussing the thing that we should use to treat impacted wax or ear infection, we will not forget about ear drops. This one is certainly essential for our life because it can make sure the cleanness of our ears. When it comes to a functional thing, how can we use it properly to get the most of the function?

How to Use Your Ear Drops by Yourself

First of all, we are going to show you how to apply ear drops by yourself. You must first warm the ear drops by using your hand or pocket. If you touch the bottle and it is cold, you can try to warm it up by placing it in your hand or in your hand for about 20 minutes. If there is suspension on the label, it means that you need to shake the ear drops for about 10 second before using it.

Next, lie down on your side then tilt your head. It is better for you to lie down since it may be difficult to use your ear drops by yourself. In case you find it difficult to use the eye drops, you can face a mirror while you are lying down and applying the ear drops. Then, tug your ear backward and get up from your position. This one is important to make the medicine go to its proper place.

How to Use Eye Drops to a Child

In case you want to treat your child with eye drops, you may want to know some tricks so that it is going well. The important one is to make your child does not aware of what will you do especially if they kind of the one that is afraid of thing. Do the step like the way you use it to yourself. Make them lie down and then carefully drop the medicine.

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