Planning Container Café

Container Cafe

Planning container café is like arguing about which comes first between the chicken and the egg. You don’t know what to think first. Is it the concept of your café? Is it the food and beverage offer? Is it the size of the container? Is it the design of the container? Or is it the requirements to build popup café? For example, if you want to offer a full food and beverage in your café, it means that you need to include extensive food preparation on site. You need a full kitchen in your container. Not to mention the sinks, food storage, food preparation, cleaning aids, and the standard construction. You need complex design, more space, and let’s not forget that you need more cost too.

How To Plan A Container Cafe?

This problem will lead to a major frustration during your planning stage. You will face panic about what are you going to plan and how much you will spend on this business. To pin down a budget for the container is very difficult since there are many options, types, size, and variables out there. Maybe you find one which suits to your café concept, but the cost is so expensive that you need to find another one. Luckily, there are some interesting price options for container café that you can find in the marketplace. Most of these options don’t need kitchen style facilities which can save up your budget. Planning this thing is like planning a house. There are many options, many prices, many designs, and many concepts.

Since many shipping container providers are contractors or builders, you will face the uncertainty about the container’s price until detailed concept and design work is completed. Moreover, container industry is not as professional as the housing industry. Not many containers built each year and not many information about the container. So, if you want to plan your own container café, let’s check

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