Make Your Wedding Unforgettable In Bali

Talking about the wedding, what we may think is that a moment that a proper place to have the best experience in the special day. Well, Bali Island offers it. You may consider Bali wedding venue as your wedding venue and give your guests the best services. The combination of the natural scene in the island will make the nuance of the wedding day more exotic and private. Because in Bali, many resorts and hotels offer very professional and experienced organizing in accommodating a wedding day. You will be satisfied with the service. So, here are the venues you can consider for your wedding.

The Best Places Of Bali Wedding Venue

Blue Diamond Chapel Bali is one of the best of Bali wedding venue. the venue is called so because the architectural structure resembles a blue diamond. Around the chapel, the area is surrounded by a neat garden and can accommodate 400 people. The venue is located in Sanur Beach. Then, the other best venue is that Hanging Garden located in Ubud, for you who want to experience a different concept of the wedding. They offer a concept closer to nature with a forest background. You can try to get married on the edge of the pool at the hotel which has views of the forest and Ayung River. The third one that offers a typical concept of Bali is the beach where you can have it in Karma Kandala located in Ungasan. the privilege is in terms of privacy. There has a beach accessible only to hotel guests who buy admission tickets.

So there are many venues besides above ones actually that you can find for in Bali if you want to have a wedding on the island. Some concepts of organizing wedding have been offered there. Certainly, they will serve you in the best service both the couples and the guests and will not make you disappointed by their services. For more info please visit

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