Maintain Eye Health

Health tipsMost students use glasses when going to school. They use the glasses not because they want to add style to the appearance, but because their eyes are not healthy. Having a healthy eye is everyone’s dream. Especially for students who often read books and staring at computers for long periods of time, it will have a profound effect on the health of their eyes. If you want a healthy eye, you should always follow the rules and advice given from your doctor or advice from others about maintaining eye health. Because eye health will be felt importance after our age is increasing. Maybe when the young are still unknown the joy of healthy eyes, but after growing age that is not young anymore, healthy eyes are very coveted.

The Importance Of Healthy Eyes

People who have healthy eyes are very lucky people. Because without the help of tools like glasses, they can see clearly what is around them. You need to know that the result of unhealthy eyes is very dangerous. You must already know the various diseases caused by unhealthy eyes. Here will be explained some eye diseases that are very disturbing to the sufferer. First is conjunctivitis or red eyes. With these red eyes, a person will experience great pitching in his eyes. The disease is caused due to bacteria, viruses, fatigue, and infection causing your eyes to red. Second, the disruption caused by these unhealthy eyes is myopic. Farsightedness is an eye disease with the symptoms not seeing an object in close proximity and far away, so it is divided into nearsightedness and farsightedness. This happens because the light passed from the object to our eyes is not exactly on the retina so that the near and far objects are not clearly visible. Only dizziness and pain are felt when you see a thing. Therefore, the aid of glasses will give the bark on your eyes to see the object.

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