Latest Car Review with Smart Forfour

latest car reviewThere are some good cars that you can buy. However, those cars may not be that efficient compared to Forfour. This car may not be familiar to your ears. It is no wonder because this car is not marketed greatly. However, considering the fact that our earth needs cars that are friendlier to the environment, this car does not run on conventional fuel. Instead, it uses electric power to run.  It is important to note that this is the fourth generation of electric car. It is also the first smart EV that is equipped with four seats. Latest car review notes this car as the urban car with zero-emission that is worth to try.

Smart Forfour Latest Car Review

The basic design of the Forfour looks like a mini car. A standard concept for a versatile city car. However, it is worth to note that its size is rated as tighter compared to any other mini car in the same level. Thus, it allows you to maneuver easier in various spaces in every city turn that you think impossible. In addition to its physical appearance, this car also comes with modern styling though enhanced with some classical impression. However, it does not make you worried about the latest car review.

In terms of performance, you should not expect a powerful car out of Forfour. The reason is that it only comes with the 1.0-liter engine which generates horsepower under 100bph. Though it is not surprising, it means you cannot run fast. Considering its weight which is also heavier than the standard ratio, the engine actually does not make your car fast. Regardless of the speed matter, this car is dependable to run 95 miles without charging. It is not recommended to force the car to do so as it is risky. However, that is the latest car review which defines its quality.

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