Indonesia Unique Giant Tiger Prawn

Giant tiger prawn, or commonly also known as black tiger prawn, giant tiger shrimp and etc., is popular crustacean, widely cultivated, distributed, shipped, and consumed shrimp all over the world. It also had several different kinds, like giant black tiger prawn, Indonesia giant tiger shrimp and etc. This big sea crustacean is really popular for seafood lovers, because of its unique taste, and also a tasty shell. This tiger prawn also well known for its very high nutrition, especially high in calcium and iron. Well, if you want tasty sea treats, then try to bake tiger prawn into the oven, mix them with salt, pepper, clove, and garlic, and the smells of baked crustacean will really nice. There are also several other facts and information about this tiny little crustacean, and the market information about this one is really high. Bellows here we are going to give you some info and simple fact about giant tiger shrimp.

Simple Information And Fact About Indonesia Giant Tiger Shrimp

Giant tiger prawn, inhabit warm ocean of Indopacific, then spread across Pacific Ocean, Australian Shore, and the Gulf of Mexico. The largest mass production of giant tiger prawn is in the South East Asian countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Philippine. The Indonesia giant tiger shrimp can reach for up to 33 cm long for female, and then 25 cm for male, the male is smaller, and the female is fatter. The weight of this shrimp can reach for 170 g for fully sized adult female giant tiger shrimp. Now, there are countless of tiger shrimp farm, spread across the Indo-Pacific Ocean, and cultivated for more than 770,000 tons of shrimp every year.

Approximately, every year, the tons of giant tiger shrimp can worth it for more than millions of dollars, and approximately, it can reach for 350,000 million of dollars. Pretty huge sums right? Visit for more info about black tiger shrimp.

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