The Importance Of Environmental Cleanliness

Health careAn environment is a place where we do a lot of daily activities. The environment we live can show the state of our body, meaning that if we are in a clean place or environment then most likely we can maintain our cleanliness so we are considered as a healthy person. Conversely, if we are in the environment or a dirty place or not too clean, then we may be considered as someone who can’t keep clean properly and we may also be considered less attention to health protection. Therefore, the importance of environmental hygiene that we occupy is very sensitive, because the circumstances of the clean environment that can grow our awareness of the importance of maintaining health. We will prioritize health first before others, because if our body is healthy then we will be free to do whatever activities we want without disturbed by disorders such as illness that can be suffered. But in a clean environment, the possibility of disease will not easily stick to our bodies and will not damage our bodies if we really take care of our health properly and appropriately.

Keeping The Environment Dirty

In keeping the environment so that it is not dirty and always clean we can start from the environment very close to us, for example cleaning the various dirt in our house to make the house look clean and beautiful. Then what to do? We clean around our homes so there are not many bacteria in our homes, then also prevent mosquitoes nesting near our home because these mosquitoes give us illness.

Then in keeping the environment so as not to dirty can also be done by paying attention to the small things like throwing litter always in place. The protection of our body’s health is very important, and if there is waste that accumulates and is not disposed of in place it will become a hive for disease so that our health can be disturbed.

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