How To Prevent Cancer?

Health tipsCancer is one of the most dangerous diseases in this world and had caused countless death in this world. Why is cancer considered to be very dangerous? Cancer becomes number one of the most dangerous disease because right now, there are no cures for cancer. Even there is some therapy like Chemotherapy that can help cure cancer there is currently no effective medicine that can cure cancer effectively. There are few survivors of cancer, but still, the victim of cancer is countless. People who are still alive after feeling cancer cell raging in their body should be grateful, since not many survivors that can survive this dangerous disease. Although this isn’t a contagious disease, there are many things that can cause cancer. What are the things that cause cancer and how we can prevent cancer?

What Causes Cancer And How We Can Prevent It?

Actually, every human had cancer cells inside their body. A cancer cell will stay dormant, and won’t harm our body. But, there are many things that can cause this cell to be active and growing inside our body. Here, let us show you things that can promote growth for a cancer cell. First things that can promote the growth of cancer cell is smoking. Inside smoking, we will find countless chemical materials that prove dangerous and considered to be free radical. Smoking is the main cause of most lungs cancer and throat cancer. Consuming overcooked meats can also promote cancer cells growth. Inside overcooked meats, there is a chemical called benzopyrene that can cause cancer. And guess where we can find benzopyrene? Inside cigarette smoke.

To prevent cancer, we need to simply avoid smoking, also try to avoid eating overcooked meat. Smoking kills you, there is a logical reason behind that slang. Try to eat more fruits especially fruits that contain many anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants are nutrients that can help us repel free radical, and help reduce cancer cells growth. Apple and kiwi are the examples of fruits that contain high anti-oxidants.

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