Help Asthma People Without Inhaler

You surely know one of the diseases that will never be healed but can be relieved. It is asthma and there are many people who have it nowadays since long time ago. If you are living with that disease; you are not alone and there are many ways to relieve it; therefore, you may continue your life well without getting interrupted by your own diseases. Here I will share the tips for helping people with asthma without an inhaler.

How To Help People With Asthma Without Giving Them Inhaler?

There are many ways of helping people with asthma. Most of them even helping themselves without hands of other people around. Most of the sufferers will use an inhaler to get rid the pain and get back the normal breath. So, here are the tips for helping people with asthma without inhaler:

  1. There always be a situation where your friends with asthma suddenly sick. She or he does not bring the inhaler and you do not know what to do. First of all, you should be calm down.
  2. Then, you may take the sufferer to the position of sit in 45◦ and make sure the breath is better. You should calm down the sufferer too.
  3. You may find the warm drink or warm sweet tea for helping her or him.
  4. Then, you may wait for a while.
  5. Do not let the sufferer collapse when she or he hard to breathe normally.
  6. Make them happy and calm.

So, it is easy, right? You just need to calm down and need to make the sufferer calm as well. You may find more help to find the tea and you should still with him or her. By the way, do you have a friend with asthma? You better know these ways if she or he often forget the inhaler. That is all.

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