Healthy Facts about Potatoes

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Who would refuse the tasty mashed potato with mozzarella on top? None. There are more delicious foods that make you drool out there made of the humble potatoes. Potatoes are edible tables. They available across the globe all year long. The term potato always used for something that ugly due to its color and shapeless. Stop underestimate the potatoes. We should more appreciate their existence if we knew what the component inside them that beneficial for our body. Let’s jump to the next paragraph.

What You Should Know More

Potatoes with the scientific name Solanum Toberosum is one of the members of the nightshade family. Children usually despise the vegetables, but when it comes to potato, they wouldn’t refuse. That’s the proof of how magical the potatoes are. Here are the healthy facts about potatoes you should know:

  • Mineral content

If you consume potatoes regularly, you automatically have a good water and ion supply in your body due to they are the source of potassium. Surprisingly, eating a potato with its skin is always beneficial because the highest concentration is hidden beneath it.

  • Vitamin content

A large amount of vitamin C is available inside the potatoes. Moreover, the vitamin A, B, and P are also contained in the potatoes.

  • Starch content

Potatoes are one of the greatest natural sources of starch and they also contain approximately 17% starch. You need to take a note that the main nutrients in a potato are beneath the skin. If you eat only the inside part, you eat the carbohydrates.

  • Water content

Potatoes might look huge, but actually, the 70-80% of their weight is water. So the idea of becoming fat by eating potatoes is indeed wrong.

Of course, potatoes are undoubtedly healthy but if you eat them along with a large amount of butter such as french fries, chances are you will become overweight. Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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