Grab Our Frozen Catfish Now

Since people love to eat catfish, the food trucks and restaurants who provide the catfish dishes are starting to open everywhere. The catfish can be cooked in a various way in a restaurant to keep the visitors satisfied and come back for the second and multiple times. The popularity of the catfish makes the supplier getting flooded by the orders. When the owner of the restaurant or any other eatery places need more stock of catfish, the frozen catfish supplier is always ready to help them fast. Therefore, if you are looking for the best quality supplier, we are here to help you out.

We Are The Best Frozen Catfish In The Country

Don’t hesitate to order the products from us because we really do care about the procedure and keep controlling them since the beginning. We grow our own catfish in the freshwater ponds and of course, we use the best quality breeding fish to lay the eggs which will live and grow there. We keep the eggs in a special room until they hatch. The sac fry will come out from inside the eggs and will stay in the place for a while until they become fingerling. The fingerling then being taken out of the place and moved to a larger place to allow them to grow into the catfish. That’s also due to the amount of fingerling which can reach up to thousands of fingerlings. However, it actually takes at least two years to get them ready to harvest. The normal size of the catfish when they are ready to sell is around two pounds.

The catfish needs to be cleaned before they are used as raw material in the restaurant’s kitchen. The clean meat then being cut based on the client’s order. The next is the packaging step, we will pack our products properly to keep them hygienic and freeze them to avoid getting damaged on the way to the destination. Click here for more information about the frozen catfish supplier in Indonesia

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