Get More Offline Android Games

Online games might be the interesting one, but it will be a big deal when your internet connection is not stable. Moreover, it must be disaster one when you use mobile data since it can consume more data that will make you bankrupt slowly. If you are not ready for this situation, so you can try to do download apk android games and play the offline games. There are a lot of offline games which is also excellent to play. There will be no worry on an internet connection or even money to buy more data while playing the game.

Free, Small Size, And No Wi-Fi Games For Android

Do you have no more space for installing the game? Don’t worry, there are still a lot of offline games Android which are perfect for your android like:

  1. Plague Inc.

Typically, you will find so many games which have more than 100MB size. It might consume more memory and become a trouble for devices which have not big RAM. However, this download apk android offline game has a small size which is friendly for your devices and enjoyable to play. This game is kind of interesting since the player needs to create a virus to infect the population. It sounds great, doesn’t it?


  1. Into The Dead

For you who need more experience to play a game without internet connection, you can try to download and install Into The Dead. This post-apocalyptic will bring more adrenaline for you. Just play in the dark room with headphone on, then get the best experience from it!


  1. Crashlands

Do you need simpler one? You can try to download and install the Crashlands. It is only consumed 71.49 MB which is not too consuming more memory for your devices. You will only need to defeat enemies.

For more recommendations, you can visit the site to do download apk android for offline games.

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