How To Get Nurse Assistant Certification?

Become a certified nurses assistant might be the special reward for you. It can be your next path in career to get better salary and experience. Since you will be certified, so there will be some differences between you and other nurses’ aide. As a certified nurse, you will have around 75 to 150 hours of training and some competency test. There are some steps that must be followed to get this path career. Before that, you have to make sure that you already finished your study for high school diploma or GED.

Steps To Be A Certified Nurses Assistant

There are some requirements to make yourself become a certified nurses assistant. First of all, you have to have strong communication skills. This skill is important since a nurse has to connect with patient and Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). Moreover, strong communication skill is also important to get better teamwork. To highlight it, being solo is not recommended for your position as a nurse. After that, you can join CNA training hold by local healthcare, certain organization, or even online training programs. Typically, the course may take around six to nine months of training. Make sure that your training is accredited by NLNAC (Nursing Accredited Commission).

If you already took training process, so there will be a competency test as final training. For the test, there will be some sections like multiple choice and a practical section. In multiple choice section, make sure that you got right theories to answer. Meanwhile, you may demonstrate about three to five of nurse’s skills in practical section. However, the different requirement is possible for a different place. So, make sure that you read all requirements well. Choose some programs that you concerned on. After a hardship, there will be a happiness which is becoming a certified nurses assistant.

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