Fulfill The Need Of Fiber

Health careKeeping your body healthy is not that easy thing to do sometimes. There will be many temptations that will influence you in doing that thing. You must be aware that the health is very important. It will be the investment for you now and then so that be careful with the life style you have. From now on you should start to live healthy if you want to get a good quality of health. Well actually not that hard, you can start from little things like the things that will be explained in this explanation below.

What Is Food Contains Of Fiber?

You can start from what you eat. You need to know that your body will need fiber. This thing is done to keep your body from the attack of bacteria; it also can function at stimulating the expenditure of excrement from your intestines. The excrement should be ejected from the intestine because if it is not then it will cause several diseases. Here is food which contains high fiber that you can consume. First is a kiwi. This fruit has the highest content of fiber among the other fruit. The fiber in kiwi will be 3 gram/ 100 grams of fiber.

The next is kidney bean. This has the content of fiber and also phosphorus. Avocado also has the content of fiber which is good for your body. It has good fat and it can help you avoided from heart disease and also can decrease the cholesterol of yours. The next is corn. This has the content of carbohydrate and also high fiber. After that, beans. Beans have the content of high fiber too. It also contains antioxidant that is good for your health and also can avoid you from the attack of cancer and heart disease. Well, those are the food which contains fiber. You need to consume it routinely.

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