The Famous Arabica Coffee From Indonesia

Indonesia also has a coffee shop that is known to be one of the best quality coffee shops. The owner of the store is named Galih Febianto who is 29 years old and comes from Wanadadi Village, Banjarnegara. He has succeeded in making his regional name known all over Indonesia for his achievements in the national coffee world. Feb who is an alumnus of Universitas Islam Indonesia (UII) Yogyakarta won the Festival of Coffee Nusantara 2017 held by the Government of Bondowoso, on 25-26 August 2017. His Arabica coffee house has made Arabica coffee in Banjarnegara which is previously not widely known, now become increasingly recognized by the whole country. For Febi, this is a great achievement because he has successfully brought the big name of Banjarnegara.

Arabica Coffee With High Quality

This Arabica coffee beans he got from the highlands in Kalibening, Banjarnegara and managed to become the best coffee after beating the candidate of 9 best Arabica coffee from the various land of the country in Indonesia, namely Arabica coffee from Pasuruan, Bondowoso, Temanggung, Toraja, Batu, Flores, Bandung, and Wonosobo. Kalibening Arabica Coffee has the advantage of various categories assessed by the judge at the Festival, among others aroma, taste, viscosity, acidity, and flavors inherent in the esophagus after coffee gulped. This is a superior quality of Arabica coffee house in Banjarnegara.

Not only business interests, Febi felt that Arabica coffee from Banjarnegara is not so well known by coffee lovers in Indonesia, so he intends to make Arabica coffee from Banjarnegara is better known by the crowd. At first, he did not know if in his area there are so many coffees, and then he immediately went to coffee farmers in the area and produce it so he has his own Arabica coffee house in Banjarnegara, his hometown. That way he can make coffee farmers in Banjarnegara also experienced an increase in because their crops have high economic value.

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