Essential Oils As Natural Remedy

Essential oils have been used since ancient Egypt until modern eras. These pure oils have been used as a natural alternative. Find out what essential oils can do for you by reading this post below.

The Benefits Of Essential Oils

  1. Essential oils can relieve your headaches. When you have minor headaches, it means that this is the right time to apply essential oils to relieve your headaches. Dilute the oil first and apply it on the forehead, neck, and back of your neck as well. Rub the oil on your forehead and massage gently in circular motion. You need to inhale deeply as you massage your forehead. To cure a headache, you can use ginger oil, lavender oil, and peppermint oil.
  2. The essential oil is also very beneficial to treat acne. You can use ta tree oil to get bring of your annoying acne. The essential oil is very effective for acne and it is also a good alternative toner that you can use. It’s better to apply essential oil to your acne rather than apply harsh chemical in many acne skin care products. Tea tree oil can work like benzoyl peroxide which is a common antibacterial ingredient that used to treat acne. You can use the mixture of 5 drops of tea tree oil and one tsp of aloe Vera to treat your acne. Mix them well and apply to the acne for overnight. You can used every
  3. For someone who’s been dealing with insomnia, lavender oil can be your best cure. You can also use clary sage oil and roman chamomile oil. Honestly, these essential oils can’t cure insomnia or the cause. But these oils will make you feel calmer and more relax before bedtime. This will lead you to have fallen asleep faster than before and have a good sleep.

That’s how essential oils can do for you. Try them!

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