Downloading Driver Printer

If you have a printer, you have to install the correct driver printer to make your printer functions properly. The driver usually comes on the installation CD that included with your printer when you purchase it. Once you run the installation CD on your PC, the driver for your printer will be installed automatically. What if you don’t have the installation CD? There is still a solution for you! You can download the correct driver for your printer. You can download from the manufacturer’s website and then install it. Installing the driver can be confusing sometimes, then there will be instructions you need to follow in order to install the driver.

How To Download Driver Printer?

When you want to download driver printer, you have to gather the information about your printer first. On the manufacturer’s website, you have to write down the model number, series name, and product type of your printer. And then select the right printer on the website. After you click on the printer image that matches with your own printer, you will go to the support page and there will be ‘Drivers and Software’ section on that page. Choose your operating system and you have to read the disclaimer first. After that, click ‘I Agree’ and the software begins to download.

After the downloading process is finished, you need to click ‘Save’. The file will be in the download folder on your PC. This is the time to install the driver. Double-click the software and there will be popup menu. Click ‘Run’ on the popup menu to install the driver and the installation process will begin. You need to follow the instructions to complete the process. After the drivers have been installed, you have to click ‘Finish’ to exit the popup menu. If you want to know more about driver printer, you can check on

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