Be Creative With DIY Jewelry Box

When we collect something, we have the responsibility to store them properly, besides, it also gives us a favor by making us easy to find them. One of the stuff that most people collect is the jewelry. This kind of small things gets lost easily if we don’t store them in one place. Even when we put them together, we need to add dividers to distinguish them based on the size. Take care of your valuable jewelry inside a box! Make one yourself, only in simply Futbol, you will have the ideas to make a DIY jewelry box.

Find Jewelry Box Ideas On Simply Futbol

All your stuff basically deserves a storage, you can’t just put them all over the place and make your room looks like after being shaken by the earthquake. You sure spend much for your jewelry collection, so the next cool thing you need is to store them in a jewelry box. Here is the DIY jewelry box based on simply Futbol.

  • Unique wooden jewelry box

If you are into anything that comes from nature, this one is the best decision. Most boxes are cubical shaped, but this one is not like the other. You can make a jewelry storage out of wooden that will look like a long log, but it’s a magical log that will keep your tiny pieces of jewelry stay together neatly.

  • Carved wooden box

Another thing that comes from wooden. This one made of the same material like the one I mentioned before, but the style is totally different as you can see from the name of it. You can put your tiny stuff inside it as well such as keys and other accessories.

Your jewelry box should be having some dividers in order to make the stuff stay neat and not mixed up. There is more shape, style, colors, and material ideas for your jewelry box. Find them only on simply Futbol. Thanks for reading!

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