The Ideas Of Fresh Home Décor

Home is the best place for a lot of people. The fresh home interior design will be better ideas to make people love the home. Do you want to have a fresh home? Well, here I will tell you the tips of fresh home design for your interior especially. So, take your time to read the tips and ideas while you are thinking about the design of your outdoors.

The Ideas And Tips To Build Fresh Home Interior Design

Fresh home will need several good ideas to make it true. You should know the right design and theme of your home first. It will not easy if you are not a designer. You should find out more references to homes. So, here are the tips and ideas of fresh home for you:

  1. The fresh home interior design will need more wide windows. Ok, maybe not all the homes with fresh look need more windows; however, wide and huge windows made of glass will make your home bright and fresh.
  2. You should add more greens such as small interior garden and mini waterfall in the middle of your living room. It is ok to only place more greens and flowers inside your home.
  3. Take the fresh design and theme such as the contemporary theme for home. Minimalist and modern home also mostly fresh and simple.
  4. Find the newest furniture and ornament to make your home fresh and look new.
  5. Do not forget to add more arts to your home interior.

The home with fresh and new look will be there for you if you know the right ideas and design. If you feel that the tips above not really help you; you may see more tips here: fresh home interior design. So, that is all the tips and ideas for you about fresh home. Do you love it or not?

Tips To Write Printable Job Application

When you want to apply for a job position, your printable job application should be perfect. The very first thing that the employer will notice is the content and format of your job application. When they think that your job application meets their standard, you will be called for face-to-face interview.

How To Make Printable Job Application Shine

In today’s post, we will give you some tips in writing a good printable job application. Our tips will make your job application shine!

  1. If you already work before, make sure you provide the evidence of your job history. It is not recommended to just put the list of the company that you’ve worked for previously. Our tip is to describe how you achieved the job and your success. For example, you can describe the problem at your job position, and describe what action that you take to solve the problem. After that describe the results and skills that you get.


  1. Always pay attention to the format of your job application. Spacing, alignment, capitalized text, and other formats are needed to write with no mistake. This will make your job application readable. Although there are various types of job application layouts, it’s better to follow the standard.


  1. Your format should be from the header that contains contact information, career summary that provides your skills and experience reverses chronological job history and reverses chronological education history.


  1. Don’t write your job application in landscape format.


  1. You can also put a career summary. Sometimes. The employers don’t have time to read an unspecified job application. Therefore, it is better if you lead them to career summary to make it clear that you are applying for the certain position. You have to explain why you are qualified for this job position.

Those are 5 tips for writing a printable job application. Our tips can make yours shine in the employers’ eyes!

Where to Find the Best Sushi Rice Brands

If you want to make your own sushi, there are many things that you should consider for the best taste of your sushi. The ingredient of your sushi is the key that will help you get you a delicious taste of a sushi. It is not that difficult to find only the ingredients with quality since there are markets or stores where you can find many kinds of ingredients with the best quality. Among those ingredients that you can get for your sushi, you will find Sushi Rice Brands is the one that you need for a delicious sushi. This is where you can find only the best sushi that with the most delicious taste.

More Brands You Can Choose Today

For the best taste of your sushi rice brands, there are many things that you should consider. The quality of your ingredients is the first key that you should consider for the best sushi taste. However, there are still more ingredients that you should consider to help you get the tastiest sushi you can ever make. There more ingredients and choices of places where you will only find the best ingredients to make the best sushi with the taste you will love.

When you cannot find the best place for the best brand you can get for the rice, you can try to find it on the internet. There are choices of different products that you can order easily via online. This is another way to get those ingredients with the quality you need. It is not that difficult to get what you want today for the best taste of your sushi. Find out more about those choices of the best ingredients that will be very helpful for you to get what you need for your best sushi today.

Why Seaweed Suppliers Matters

Seaweed suppliers are very important in seafood commodities since they have many seaweed products from raw to dried seaweed. One of the largest seaweed producers and suppliers in Indonesia. The country is located in the long coastal area and it has abundance tropical waters. There are many islands in Indonesia which has many seaweed farmers. They harvest a huge amount of seaweeds as raw materials. Then the farmers distribute the product to various suppliers. After that, the suppliers will process the raw material into various seaweed products. The products can be used for human, cosmetic industry, pet food industry, science industry, the pharmaceutical industry, and more use. Not only Indonesia that uses seaweed for many things, but international markets also need seaweed. So, the raw seaweed is also shipped to many countries too.

Indonesia Seaweed Suppliers

For those who live in Indonesia, you are lucky since you can get best and high quality of seaweed products way easier than those who live abroad. You can get them right from the seaweed suppliers so you can get them in the best condition. Since Indonesia is a big seaweed producer, the seaweed is mostly from seaweed farmers. Wild caught seaweeds in both the coastal area and the ocean can’t support international market anymore since the demand is very high. Therefore, seaweed farmers are in the game to fulfill the demand.

Seaweed is an important seafood product. This product is shipped to many countries and it gives significant profit for Indonesia’s and farmers’ economy. The farmers can produce hundred tons of seaweed each year. For your information, the suppliers also shipped the seaweed products to Asian, American, European, and Australian countries. Indonesian seaweed suppliers produce seaweed of various types. They usually ship the product in the raw from so the other manufacturers can use them as various seaweed products. If you want to eat high-quality seaweed, you can purchase them on

Let’s Find The Carrageenan Suppliers

Are you looked for the Carrageenan suppliers? This day, you will not get hard to find the food suppliers which you need to supply some main ingredients for your food product. You just have to find it and make sure that they give you a special offer for you. There are many ways you can take to get the best suppliers for you.

How To Find Them?

If you are looked for the Carrageenan suppliers, you should not feel so worried because you can find it in an easy way. Do you want to know what is it? Well, there is an easy way to get the best suppliers for you which is by asking the recommendation from any people around you.

In this case, you should ask your friends, families, or others, people, if they may know the best suppliers for supplying your Carrageenan supply. You just have to ask them whether they know about it or not.

If you got one supplier, you should ask for more. Why? It is because you need to compare each other suppliers to point out the best one. If you don’t get any recommendation suppliers yet, you need to ask for more people.

If there is no one close to you can give any supplier recommendation, you need to ask the owner of the restaurants around you or any food factories to ask them about the recommendation to get the best supplier. Maybe they use the Carrageenan too in their food product.

Thus, you just have to ask about the recommendation for the suppliers to supply your Carrageenan requirements in the best way. Just take a note that maybe some people can give you a recommendation to the Carrageenan suppliers and you just have to make sure that you choose the best one for you.

Trusted Dried Seaweed Powder Supplier

There are many people who love seaweed now. Not only Asian people who always consume seaweed as their daily foods but all people in another continent. Then, powder seaweed also become popular now. Many customers need to find dried seaweed powder supplier now for their restaurant and their production of foods in their place. Well, it is not easy to get the trusted supplier of seaweed, especially the dried seaweed powder. Do not worry I have the tips here.

How To Get Trusted Dried Seaweed Powder Suppliers

You know getting the really trusted suppliers is not easy. You need to know all about the factory, services and the machines they use for the process of production. Well, it is not that difficult if you know the ways. Here I will share with you:

  1. You should find out the official website page of specific products you need; such as dried seaweed or seaweed.
  2. Then, you may see all the services they have provided to the customers or the clients.
  3. You should know whether the dried seaweed powder supplier has the service of a long-term relationship with the clients or not. If they have that service, they are trusted.
  4. They have a professional team to help you consult about the offer or other things.
  5. They have a clear and right contact person.

So, those are several things you should consider and know if the supplier is trusted or not. Then, I have one recommendation of you related to trusted factory or supplier of dried seaweed powder for you here. Here is the link: dried seaweed powder supplier. You will directly go to the official website of the supplier of seaweed. They are very good and have the best quality of products. You also can find more products of seafood from the same factory of this supplier such as tuna, shrimp, or the sardines.

Type Shrimp Indonesia Shrimp Exporters

As with the fish, even shrimp consists of various types, some of which have a color there are also that do not have the color, there are that when cooked to change color there is also not change color when in cooking. In addition, the type of shrimp is also diverse, there are adjusted to the size there are also adapted to the shape and origin of the existence of the shrimp. Most of Indonesia’s territorial waters have superior shrimp species where they have been exported and donate foreign exchange for the country.

Shrimp Windu As Indonesia Shrimp Exporters

Windu shrimp which is one of the original shrimp Indonesia, where Indonesia. Windu shrimp that has a fairly large body and sweet and savory taste to be a reason tiger prawns much-loved as, delicious food and has a high nutritional content. This shrimp prawn exports to Europe and Japan. In addition to the most popular, this tiger prawn has a higher price when compared with shrimp vannamei this is also followed by the quality of tiger shrimp is better than other types of shrimp.

Windu shrimp is in addition to having a much better quality than others, this type of shrimp is also more difficult in terms of maintenance, it is also one factor that causes tiger prawns have higher price compared to other shrimp. Until now, tiger prawns still have a high range of disease properties compared to vannamei shrimp, where the shrimp is still easy to get virus or bacteria that can cause death in shrimp. That’s some info about tiger shrimp as one of the superior shrimp commonly exported. For more info can visit official web that is at on the website page will be explained in detail and very complete about some companies engaged in the fishery sector, in particular, is a business as a supplier of shrimp which is then exported to various countries in the world.

Carrageenan, The Personal Care Ingredients

You may have been using your current shampoo for a month, and getting it as your favorite shampoo. There is also your favorite lotion for moisturizing your skin. In this case, you can choose the best lotion for your skin condition. But, do you know that you can choose the best products which have same ingredients? Almost all of those products have carrageenan as their ingredients. What is carrageenan? Why does it seem to be so important for a product? Here are some reasons why it is so great and also useful. The carrageenan manufacturers are also providing the best carrageenan for the market.

Benefits Of Kappa Carrageenan In Cosmetic

Many cosmetic and personal care manufacturers are choosing some things which will make their products still of good quality but they can still save money for the production expense. In this case, the carrageenan can be the stabilizer and also thickener for your solution. This is a perfect thing for you who wants to get the best result if you want to reduce the use of the expensive ingredients. Adding the carrageenan will not change the texture and quality. It will stay the same and will give you the perfect thing for your product. Thus, you can make sure you get the best from the carrageenan manufacturers.

There are some products which are produced using the carrageenan. The carrageenan is a perfect thing for you who want to get the stabilized formula of your product. You can get them by finding the best thing if you want them for your product. In this case, the company will not get the disadvantage by getting them. It is the best solution for any company to get them for their need. In this case, you can choose some carrageenan for your business. The powdered carrageenan can be chosen as the powder form. To get the best carrageenan, you can visit

Indonesia Unique Giant Tiger Prawn

Giant tiger prawn, or commonly also known as black tiger prawn, giant tiger shrimp and etc., is popular crustacean, widely cultivated, distributed, shipped, and consumed shrimp all over the world. It also had several different kinds, like giant black tiger prawn, Indonesia giant tiger shrimp and etc. This big sea crustacean is really popular for seafood lovers, because of its unique taste, and also a tasty shell. This tiger prawn also well known for its very high nutrition, especially high in calcium and iron. Well, if you want tasty sea treats, then try to bake tiger prawn into the oven, mix them with salt, pepper, clove, and garlic, and the smells of baked crustacean will really nice. There are also several other facts and information about this tiny little crustacean, and the market information about this one is really high. Bellows here we are going to give you some info and simple fact about giant tiger shrimp.

Simple Information And Fact About Indonesia Giant Tiger Shrimp

Giant tiger prawn, inhabit warm ocean of Indopacific, then spread across Pacific Ocean, Australian Shore, and the Gulf of Mexico. The largest mass production of giant tiger prawn is in the South East Asian countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Philippine. The Indonesia giant tiger shrimp can reach for up to 33 cm long for female, and then 25 cm for male, the male is smaller, and the female is fatter. The weight of this shrimp can reach for 170 g for fully sized adult female giant tiger shrimp. Now, there are countless of tiger shrimp farm, spread across the Indo-Pacific Ocean, and cultivated for more than 770,000 tons of shrimp every year.

Approximately, every year, the tons of giant tiger shrimp can worth it for more than millions of dollars, and approximately, it can reach for 350,000 million of dollars. Pretty huge sums right? Visit for more info about black tiger shrimp.

3 Steps To Clean Frozen Shrimps

Looking for vannamei shrimp price? The price of shrimps might be different from a different place. Moreover, you can also even find that the price of shrimps might be different from other types of shrimps. However, you still also have to choose the shrimps with the best quality. After that, you can directly cook the shrimps as the best meal for today’s menu. There are also some steps to cook the shrimps. What are they?

Defrosting Frozen Shrimp

Get affordable vannamei shrimp price, might be the advantageous one. However, you cannot only take it into consideration. You have also chosen the healthy shrimps to get better benefits from consuming it well. Frozen shrimp becomes one of the best choices for your menu. However, before cooking if you have to defrost it first. You can use cold water then sink the shrimps in. Wait for several minutes until the ice crystal left from its shells. After that, you can also rinse it after defrosting it.

Peeling The Shrimp

If the shrimps have been defrosted, so you can try to peel the shells off. Some of the people prefer to cook the shrimp with shells on. In contrast, there are also some of them who like to cook the peeled shrimps. For peeling the shells off, you can sink the shrimps in the hot water for a while. Then, you can directly peel the shells off from shrimp’s meat.

Deveining The Shrimp

Then, you have also deveined the shrimps. You have to take out the black or dark brown inside of the shrimp.  Cut the bottom part of shrimps in small size, then just find the dark vine inside. Take it out slowly, then your preparation is done. Although there are so many deveined shrimp in different vannamei shrimp price, still the unpeeled shrimps which have not been deveined yet are better one.

Taste The Greatness Of Indonesian Fishes

Indonesia is a great country and has lots of fish products. Not only the ocean fishes, Indonesia also has the great number of freshwater fishes. The fishes are great, healthy and of course, rich in nutrition. The fishes are really the recommendations for your need. When you are looking for the best fish products, Indonesia is the source for it. In this case, catfish Indonesia is the best choice when you are looking for something that is delicious, unique and also healthy. This fish is a perfect choice because you can get them easily. There are also some reasons why you should choose this fish and we will provide the reasons below.

The Greatness Of Indonesian Catfish

When it comes to you to choose the best catfish Indonesia, you might want to find something from the greatness of Indonesian product. The fish suppliers in Indonesia will give you the best catfish. In Indonesia, the breeders are breeding the fish in its natural habitat, and thus the fish will be delicious and of course, healthy. When you are looking for the best supplier, make sure you can choose the one which is trusted and professional. It is great because you can choose the fish directly from the supplier. Besides, you can also find something that is perfect for your need.

When it comes to you to cook the catfish, there are lots of creation. There are even so many restaurants which provide the catfish recipes as their signature. Indeed, just like chicken, the catfish is perfect when it is cooked in various spice. You will get the best taste when you can be creative in cooking them. If you want something savory, you can make the catfish curry for your menu. Besides, you can also make the fish chips made from the catfish meat which is cut into cubes, making it easier for you to cook them. The best catfish products can be found in

Do You Need A Prawn Supplier?

In this modern era, if you look for something, you just have to use your mobile device to help you get what you need. If you are building up the new food business and you use the prawn as its main ingredients, it means you should find the trusted Indonesia freshwater prawn suppliers.

How To Find The Trusted Supplier One?

If you need to find the trusted Indonesia freshwater prawn suppliers, you just have to find it and help you to supply your prawn in the best way. If you are confused where you should go to find it, you just have to read this article.

There are simple ways for you if you want to get the prawn suppliers. First, you can get on the internet and find suppliers’ website; or two you can ask the people around you to get the recommendation for it. You just need to find more recommendation for the prawn suppliers which you can trust.

If you get the suppliers, you should ask the contact person of them. You should save their numbers and you can start to call them to ensure that you get the right number one. Before doing further, you should call them first and get talk about their business in a slight and don’t forget to ask about their place and say whether you want to visit their place.

After you got their addresses, you should make sure that you can come to their places before getting a deal with them. In this visitation, you should make sure everything about the quality of products, what kind of products that they have, the price that they offer, and so on.

To do those things before making a deal with them, you can get the best and trusted prawn suppliers like this one. They will help you to supply your prawn requirements in the best way.

Easy Recipe for Fried Milkfish

To get a more balanced life, so you can start to consume balance meal cycle. One of the most important things to take for your meal is fish. There are a lot of type of fishes which most of them have good nutrients. Most of them also have high Omega-3 fat which is good for you. The easiest fish to find which has high nutrients is milkfish. You can find it from market or milk fish suppliers. Moreover, milkfish is also easy to cook. So, how to cook it?

What Do You Need?

If you already buy the milkfish whether from market or milk fish suppliers, so you have to prepare some tools and ingredients. Here are things must be prepared to cook the milkfish:

  • Onion
  • Tomato
  • Vinegar
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Garlic
  • Shallow Dish
  • Cooking Twine
  • Sauté Pan
  • Knife
  • Bowl
  • Paper Towel

What Should You Do?

After all, things are prepared well, so you can start to cook the milkfish as the best menu. Here are some steps to cook the fried milkfish:

  1. Clean the milkfish that you bought from milk fish suppliers or market. Make sure you remove the head as well. To clean it, you can open it from the back and stop to stomach. Then, try to cut the tail part to the back of milkfish’ neck
  2. Make sure the milkfish dried. You can pat it with paper towel after clean it with running clean water
  3. Minced garlic then mix it with vinegar, salt, shallow dish, and pepper
  4. Rub the milkfish with the ingredients above, then cover it and leave it overnight in refrigerator
  5. If the milkfish ready, so heating your pan with 3 tablespoons of olive oil
  6. Fry the seasoning milkfish in the pan, cook it well for 8 minutes.

Starting A Smoke Dried Catfish Business

Smoked dried catfish is a kind of catfish product which is processed by drying the catfish using smoking preserve method. This is done in order to extend the durability of the catfish. The catfish that is preserved through smoke method can last longer than fresh catfish. Therefore, this product is suitable for the export commodity. In the market for processed catfish smoke is quite a lot of demand by consumers. From time to time the demand for the supply of processed smoked catfish is always increasing. The high public interest in the preparation of catfish has provided an excellent business opportunity for you to take advantage of for profit.

Things Needed In Processing Smoked Dried Catfish

Catfish processing by smoking food preservation method using firewood equipped with oven size 150 centimeters, width 100 centimeters and height 100 centimeters, the height of oven from fire source is 80 centimeters. The oven is made from a wooden frame surrounded by zinc plate. The oven comes with a handy door to get in and out of the fish rack. The top of the oven is made a window that is used to remove the smoke when you want to open the oven to turn the smoked dried catfish. At the back is equipped with a window that remains open where smoke exits during the curing process.

The process of making smoked catfish lasts for 24 hours by using the oven and is equipped with a curing furnace. The raw material used in the manufacture of smoked fish is catfish measuring between 5 and 12 heads per kilogram. Catfish comes from the fish farms in the pond. The amount of raw material used in the curing oven is as much as 45 kg of wet fish and will produce 13 kg of dried fish. For the ignition and fuming of smoked dried catfish is used round wood with diameter 20 centimeters and length of wood 80 centimeters, the amount of wood used in one production at curing oven as much 9 wood.

Order Shrimp? Check The Information Below!

Do you like shrimp? Yes, there are many people like this kind of seafood. Its tasty flavor and also the nutrition inside shrimp become the biggest reason why it is one of the most favorite food. Then with many suppliers of frozen shrimp Indonesia, now you don’t need to worry anymore not to get this kind of seafood. After that, how to order this kind of seafood? Let’s get the information in the following passage.

Check Consideration Before Ordering Shrimp

  • Type of shrimp

About the first consideration which you should think before ordering the shrimp is about the type of the shrimp ordered. As it is known that there are various kinds of shrimp products offered by the supplier and you need to choose which type that you need. Here some types of the shrimps which can be ordered are raw, cooked, tail on, tail off, unpeeled and peeled. Here the type of the shrimp also will determine the price as well.

  • Sustainable Method

In this case, you also need to think about the method of catching the shrimp. We know that nowadays fisherman can use much technique to catch the shrimp starting from the safe one to the dangerous one for the environment. Of course, you need to choose the good technique for catching the shrimp you will order.

  • Shipping process

It is known that if you order the shrimp it is possible for you to get it after such a long shipping process. That is why it is a good idea if you know well about the shipping process so you are able to know much information about your shipping process of the order. Besides, it can help you much in knowing how long the shipping process and the cost that you may need in getting frozen shrimp Indonesia.