Bed Bugs Bites

Punaises de lit piqures means bed bugs bites in English. So, this article will talk about bed bugs bites. If you’ve ever got bitten by bed bugs, we know the feeling. It is itchy, red, and sometimes hurt. If you have some bite mark on your body, maybe this is not always bedded bugs bites. The bites are quite similar to mosquito bites.

Identifying Bed Bugs Bites (Punaises De Lit Piqures)

We have the right information for you who wonder if the bites in your body are bed bugs bites or not. Check this out!

  1. If we talk about punaises de lit piqures (bed bugs bites), they often occur in the exposed area of your body. For example, face, neck, arms, and feet. Unlike mosquito bites that tend to occur in the fold of your skin and on the back of your knees.
  2. If you got bed bugs bites, they will heal by themselves around one to two weeks. But there is a chance that bed bugs will bite you again if you don’t take pest examination. As long as there are bed bugs near you, they will bite you.
  3. You need to pay attention the time when the bites occur. For example, you notice that your body has the bites in the morning and you didn’t notice them last night. It means that the bed bugs bite you 10 days ago. At this time, you need to check your bed, bedding, and anything that cover the bed.
  4. After that, you need to check other areas in your home for bed bugs signs. They tend to live in an area where people are so they can get the supply of warm blood from a human.

If you already follow the 4 steps to identify punaises de lit piqures (bed bugs bites), it is the right time to call pest examination to your home.

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