2 Easy Things to Do for Migraine Sufferer

A headache is the worst thing ever. Everything was going down when you have a headache. A migraine is one type of headaches. The pain will grow only for half of your head. Then, it will make you become more sensitive to everything. It happens since people with a migraine tends to be more sensitive in crowded and lighted places. Besides avoiding this kind of places, you have to do these two things.

Don’t Take Junk Food and Coffee!

For migraine sufferer, there are some types of food that must be avoided. Junk food and coffee are forbidden for you. Why have you avoided this kind of foods and drinks? For the first, junk food contains MSG and other ingredients which are bad for your condition. Moreover, foods with tyramine are not good for you. So, you have to stop consuming junk food.

Secondly, don’t take too much coffee. Actually, caffeine in coffee is good for a headache. However, when you take it too much so your headache will be getting worst. Moreover, if you take ice coffee so a migraine will haunt you again.

Get Relaxation!

One of the causes of a migraine is stress. You have to avoid stress as possible. Then, just try to overcome the stress when you have it. Here are some ways to relieve your stress:

  • Inhale Essential Oils

One of the best essential oils for a migraine is lavender oil. It will ease a migraine faster than other types of oils. You can inhale it in hot water or just add it to the diffuser. Get your tense down.

  • Get Massage

You can also tense down yourself by doing massage. You can take acupressure which is good for relieving your pain.

  • Do Yoga

Mediation is the best way to make yourself relax. You can do yoga in certain duration to tense down your stress.

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